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When we microchip your animal, we implant them with a little capsule under the skin.
This capsule is designed not to cause any harm to the animal and to supply relevant information to interested persons.
The Microchip contains a number, which can be read with the help of a special scanner.
The number itself is related to a database, which holds the necessary information of the owner of the pet.


Why should you microchip your pet?


Token of ownership if stolen

Facilitate return if found lost or dead

The Information of vaccination and other health related issues can be linked to the microchip number, which will hopefully in future facilitate import and export of pets in order to bring your pet into quarantine restricted countries

To prove long-term ownership in C.I.T.E.S. protected species

To be able to import your pet into PETS related countries and this way avoiding quarantine


Costs of Microchipping in Muscat Veterinary Clinic: 15 R.O.





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