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Importation of wild animal /bird



A letter of no objection ( CITES ) from ministry of regional municipalities and environment should be obtain before applying for the import permit for  wild animal /bird into  Oman.


Import permit must be obtained from ministry of agriculture in Oman at least 15 days before arrival of wild animal / bird otherwise the animal will not be allowed to enter the country.


A letter of no objection ( CITES ) from exporting country must be accompany with the imported animal / bird.


Original certificate issued by government authorities of the exporting country has to accompany the imported animal / birds.


Original vaccination certificate clearly showing vaccine sticker witch batch number, date of manufacture and expiry, name of Manufacture Company and country are to be mentioned. Animal / bird should be within validity period of vaccination.


Original export health certificate issued by government authority of exporting country has to accompany the imported animal / birds.


Birds must be raised in farms under supervision of official veterinary authorities and have safety health inspection checks.



Birds must be obtained from pre-export quarantine after minimum 21 days in official veterinary quarantine


Birds must be examined twice for avian influenza prior to dispatch:  first between the period 7-14 days of quarantine, second 24- 48 hours of dispatch with negative result. Original laboratory report should accompany the imported birds.


Birds are only allowed to enter Oman via Muscat international airport.


Imported birds will be quarantined at Russyl quarantine for not less than three days.



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