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The following rules must be followed to export your pet , we  in Muscat veterinary clinic  also can help you in this process  if you so desire.

·        Pets should be in validity period of rabies vaccine.

·        Pet must brought to the veterinary quarantine office at Muscat   international airport for examination and issue of export health certificate.

·        Fill the application form requesting for an export health certificate.

·        Bring original and copy of vaccination card or book.

·        Bring original and copy of your ( passport / identity card / labour card).

·        Copy of airway bill incase the pet is traveling by cargo.

·        Copy of pet ticket incase the pet is traveling as luggage.

·        Copy of import permit if available.

·        Incase of transporting animal for treatment or operation, a report from a veterinary clinic signed by a veterinary  doctor should be  obtained.




        For help contact:      Phone:  + 968 99100056


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